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2019-11-20 14:14

formula of VC Performance Epoxy can be applied successfully with a brush and roller and still meet the expectations of the pickiest professional spray applicator. VC Performance Epoxy is ideal for boats that no longer require antifouling paint. The hard white finish restores the gelcoat to its original finish which not only looks good on theInterlux VC Performance Epoxy is ideal for trailered or rackstored performance powerboats and sailboats. Produces a hard, slick, semigloss white finish with special additives to make wet sanding and burnishing easy. Formerly known as VC Underwater Epoxy. spraying vc performance epoxy

May 01, 2010 VC Performance Epoxy is a bottom paint for dry sailed boats hard as nails with a teflon content to make it easy to clean (and maybe a little slicker) no barrier coat properties whatsoever and it is NOT a good base for applying anything else.

VC Performance Epoxy is designed to provide the perfect hard racing finish on boats that do not require antifouling, such as rackstored and trailered boats. Contains fluoromicroadditive to create a smooth, abrasionresistant surface which can be burnished or sanded to a racing smooth white finish. Dec 02, 2016  MY J24 bottom was put on in 2012 by a professional. Now four years later it looks like a 50 year old boat with gel coat crazing on the bottom. The bottom was chemically stripped, washed, sanded, faired, Interlux 2000 put on and then the VC performance epoxy.spraying vc performance epoxy Interlux VC Performance Epoxy Bottom Finish is a great for use on underwater surfaces on highperformance boats. Order today at Wholesale Marine for low prices. VC Performance Epoxy is designed for spray application but can be applied by brush and rollers. Mix base and curing agent thoroughly at the specified ratio. Allow 45 mins at 50F

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