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Unlike earlier RV models, the RV88A was designed to accept the 200horsepower IO360 Lycoming. The prototype outfitted with this engine demonstrated truly remarkable performance. With a single occupant, it would take off in 250 and climb out at 2600 fpm performance that had tower controllers asking what kind of airplane is that? !

RV 14A Performance These are the performance numbers for the RV 14 and a good shot of the airplane from above. The RV 14 is substantially larger then the RV 7 and I understand the ride is more like the RV 10. I think this will end up being Vans ultimate travel machine for Mar 27, 2012 An RV6 can outrun a 201, but as you might guess from the posts above, it will depend on how well it was built (ie straight and rigged right) as well as if it is a tailwheel or nosewheel version, and especially the engine and prop combo.rv-7 cruise performance VanGrunsven worked diligently to create a sidebyside design with a generous 43inchwide (1, 100 mm) cockpit that did not sacrifice the RV4's handling, STOL performance and especially its high cruise speed. In the end the RV6 prototype produced cruise speeds that are only 3 mph (5 kmh) slower than the RV4 with the same engine.

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Performance Cruise Performance at 8, 000(TAS) KNOTS RPM MAP Fuel Flow Power 171 2450 23 10. 5 GPH 75 162 2350 22 9. 5 GPH 65 154 2250 21 8. 5 GPH 55 rv-7 cruise performance 200 hp. Empty weight and performance measured with Hartzell 2 Blade CS prop. Speed Solo Weight. Top Speed. 215 mph. Cruise [75 @ 8000 ft 205 mph. Cruise [55 @ 8000 ft 185 mph. Stall Speed. 51 mph. Speed Gross Weight. Top Speed. 213 mph Cruise [75 @ 8000 ft 184 mph: 188 mph: 196 mph: Cruise [55 @ 8000 ft 166 mph: 169 mph: 176 mph: Stall Speed: 55 mph: 55 mph: 55 mph: Ground Performance Solo Weight: Takeoff Distance: 325 ft: 300 ft: 270 ft: Landing Distance: 300 ft: 300 ft: 300 ftd: Ground Performance Gross Weight: Landing Distance: 500 ft: 500 ft: 500 ft: Takeoff The RV77A is able to maintain cruise speeds near or even above 200 mph depending on the engine installed. That speed, combined with the endurance and the range made possible by its 42gallon fuel capacity, means that you can traverse half the American continent in a The Van's RV7 and RV7A are twoseat, singleengine, lowwing homebuilt airplanes sold in kit form by Van's Aircraft. The RV7 is the tailwheel equipped version, while the RV7A features a nosewheel. . The RV7 was the replacement of the RV6, replacing the RV6 in 2001. It is externally similar to the earlier model, with longer wings, larger fuel tanks and a larger rudder to improve spin