How to paint wood grain on car dashboard

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Nov 06, 2017 It's not that hard to do but it is time consuming. You paint the parts with tan paint then hand paint the wood grain, then clear coat. There is an art to it. The grain can be applied with a graining comb, a feather, a brush, a rag or even a rubber roller. Your local library probably has books on wood graining and faux finishes.Jul 09, 2014  Real Simulated WoodRevisited. Back in the Apr. 12 issue of R& C we demonstrated a timetested technique while woodgraining the dash rail and garnish moldings of our friend Sam Strubes how to paint wood grain on car dashboard

Wood Grain Car Paint Project: 1947 Chevrolet Business Coupe Dashboard and trim in Burl wood grain faux finishes. How to make grain realistic and more.

May 12, 2011 Paint your dashboard. Try spraying 3 light coats of aerosol paint onto your dashboard. If painting a dash with more than 1 color, you can also put painter's tape on parts of the dash painted in the first color that you want to protect before applying the second color. Dec 24, 2017 Next, the pattern was applied with a roller. This is where real skill is needed. A lithographed plate with the desired pattern is inked and a gel roller (supplied with the woodgrain kit) was rolled on the plate to pick up the ink. The roller was used carefully to apply the ink to the dash, and the voids were painted in to match the to paint wood grain on car dashboard Mar 10, 2015 Im working on my 1949 P18. The dash looks great but the window trims have been painted over in a horrible brown. Id like to redo them in wood grain but have no idea how to get that finish. Ive painted motorcycles and have and spray equipment. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Larry

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Interior Faux Wood Grain. See more ideas about Dashboards, Wood grain and Wood texture. how to paint wood grain on car dashboard Teaching on a 1940s Chevrolet dashboard allowed me to share valuable skills like brush and tool work on curved surfaces, sanding and filling, importance of focal points and more. The Car Graining Course provides a solid foundation in wood grain painting techniques for auto restoration and custom work. Prepare metal parts by removing old paint, saving any suitable section of original grain work for possible matching. The reverse face of dash or moldings may reveal the original base color and should be saved until matched. Prime with red oxide acrylic lacquer, sanding smooth with# 400 wetdry sandpaper and water. BASE COLOR