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BECCA Flash Dry Rapid Waterborne Drying System. SPEED Rapid Drying by the Powerful Directed Nozzle System ADJUSTIBILITY Once the System has been setup there is no need for Adjustments LOW COST TO USE Avg. cost is approximately 30 cents Day VALUE PRICED Flash Dry System has a low purchase cost and can also reduce your need to upgrade your Compressor.Waterborne Paint Drying Corner Blower. A rapid onoff feed cycle of air is critical to effectively altering the air flow, thereby increasing waterborne performance. The Perfect Air temperature controller neutralizes the negative effects of humidity during the waterborne curing process, by giving you control of the water evaporation rate. waterborne paint blowers

Dec 06, 2011  Two independently operated blowers provide the air. for SK Bowling's Paint Perfect Spray Booth Systems' Water Based Paint Drying Systems for

Drying Equipment. Drying equipment can range from simple additions to existing equipment or by installing specialized equipment specifically designed for use with waterborne automotive paint systems. Here is some air drying systems for use with waterborne coatings: Handheld blowers and floor stands Booth retrofits with mounted blowers Waterborne paint is a low VOC content paint developed as an alternative to traditional solvent based paints. There are many reasons that shops have moved from solvent to waterborne, among them are environmental and health concerns from the use of solvent based paints.waterborne paint blowers Waterborne Advantages. PPG is the clear cut market leader in the development, and implementation of waterborne technologies. The reduced emission levels offered by waterborne basecoat paints are truly making a positive difference for the environment. PPG first released their waterborne paint system to the automotive aftermarket in 1991.

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General. Accudrafts Xcelerator is a high speed waterborne paint drying system engineered for both new and existing spray booths. Corner or wallmounted jet modules supply concentrated air and heat to freshly sprayed waterborne base coats allowing the coating to dry much faster than before. More than just waterborne paint drying fans waterborne paint blowers How can the answer be improved? waterborne air dryer gun camair devilbiss dev. waterborne drying system speed dryelectric infratech inf. adg1 aqua dry gun wvalve iwata iwa 7023. magnetic blower hanger for watrbrne drier karajen corp. kar. watrbrne dry systemfloor floor stand protek prk pocket air dryer for h2o paint 14 protek prk projet This air dryer gun works with waterborne paints in particular, but also solvent based materials can be dried rapidly by blowing air at the coated surface. This air dryer gun is especially suitable for the dryblowing of smaller surfaces such as doors or fenders. Blower Waterborne Paint Drying System Air from the cabin is ducted to the intake of a single blower. The blower sits on top of the spray booth. The blower wheel is a forward curved, squirrel cage type of blower wheel driven by a 2 hp motor.