Solar reflective paint for skylights

2019-10-22 07:20

Solar Reflective Paints for The Best Use and Effects of Skylights. Although people paint skylights for blocking light and heat, however the conventional paints have got their own downside. Many of the exterior paints are not suited to the glass or polycarbonate material. Also, they dont reject the solar energy, which limits their functionality.May 20, 2012 Effective, affordable and long lasting, Liquisol paint is a great way to reduce excess heat, light and glare coming from skylights. solar reflective paint for skylights

Jan 29, 2014  Control Heat and Glare through Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Plastic Skylights. Liquisols 4Ever, 4EverBlue and 4EverDark are permanent solar reflective paints. Each was designed to provide a choice of visible light transmissions and heat rejection. The newest of these, 4EverDark, provides extreme heat and glare protection while 4Ever lets in

Ideal for large areas of uneven panels which unifies the exterior of any glass roof with a uniform white appearance reducing up to 85 of solar energy, reducing glare up to 80 and blocks up to 90 of harmful UVs. Solar Window Paint is a great product for the cost conscious. Painting Solar Reflective Material On Skylights At UCLA Medical Center. In 2007, ALLBRiGHT 1800PAINTING was selected to be the first contractor to apply a new product, called Quarzo Silossanico, from Italy on the exterior of 9777 Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills. This product has very high adhesion and a course texture to it that claims it will resist pollution and dirt while having a matte finish that lookssolar reflective paint for skylights

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