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Jun 14, 2012 Excel Parking HELP should I pay the ticket? 14th Jun 12 at 4: 28 PM# 1; I wonder if anyone can offer any help or advise over a parking ticket I got from Excel Parking. My boyfriend had gone to B& Q to buy things for the bathroom as he was putting in a new one for me.Never automatically pay a parking ticket from a private firm. If you get a ticket from a private parking firm which you believe is unfair, DON'T just pay it! Trying to reclaim cash already paid isn't easy, so it's far easier to dispute it before paying it. pay excel parking fine

Excel operate under two trading names, Excel Parking and Vehicle Control Services (VCS). VCS tend to operate in airport locations, such as Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Doncaster Robin Hood Airport. Excel and VCS are known to use Rossendales Collect as a debt collection agency see here for more information on debt collectors. Both

Aug 23, 2017 It's not a fine. Only a request for payment. Only the government can levy fines. So no, they have no way of legally enforcing it. They can however, pass it to debt collectors, and ultimately take you to court suing you for non payment. If the private parking firm continues to insist you pay out, you can use an official appeal process if the parking operator's an approvated operator of either organisation. Out of 23, 500 people who appealed via the BPA's appeals system in the year to March 2014, 45 were excel parking fine Excel use a bespoke ticket and permit processing software which provides the most competent and effective service possible to our clients. Customer Service Here at Excel we are 100 committed to you and your customers at all times with our out of hours helpline number and supportive operations team on hand you can relax and let us solve the

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Apr 05, 2017  Parking fine appeal won by Manchester mum and trainee lawyer daughter in landmark legal case could help millions of drivers. A MUM and her trainee lawyer daughter have avoided a 60 parking fine after finding a loophole in the penalty notice that could potentially be used by millions of motorists up and down the country. Carol Backhouse and her daughter Claire took on the national parking firm Excel pay excel parking fine May 26, 2016 Different parking companies use different debt collecting companies, and change them from time to time. Excel Parking (and their subsidiary VCS) for instance have over the last year or so gone through TNC, Wright Hassall and BW Legal. Now it looks like BW Legal have been given the old heaveho, and Excel have switched to using DCBL. Do you have to pay private parking tickets? Getting a parking ticket can make your heart sink, but not all parking notices are the same. Here is a breakdown of which parking fines you can ignore, and when you have to pay Make a payment. Action: Please enter your Reference Number below and press the Next button. Reference Number. Please note. The figure shown is the current balance outstanding on your case. However if you have been visited by one of our enforcement agents, additional costs may have been incurred for which you will need to contact the office in The attendant will give the ticket to the driver or put it on your car. These are given when you park in a place you shouldn't e. g. in a bus lane. You'll have 28 days to pay or challenge the ticket. The council will reduce the fine by 50 if you pay within 14 days.