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photo credit: Michelle Summers This is a female or young male painted bunting (the two are nearly identical). During the breeding season, males are extremely territorial. They stake out an area of about 3 to 8 acres and defend it vigorously from other males.Oct 01, 2015 Juvenile Painted Bunting, Block Creek NA, Kendall Co. , TX, 12 July. Juvenile is similar to adult female, but green is more dullgrayish, and gape and base of lower mandible are more orangish. Note also pale tips to wing coverts forming weak wing bars. Image via Birdshare by Stephen Pollard. painted bunting female

With their vivid fusion of blue, green, yellow, and red, male Painted Buntings seem to have flown straight out of a childs coloring book. Females and immatures are a distinctive bright green with a pale eyering. These fairly common finches breed in the coastal Southeast and in the southcentral U. S. , where they often come to feeders.

In southwestern Mexico, however, female Painted Buntings might be confused with female Orangebreasted Bunting (Passerina leclancherii). Similar Species. It would be difficult to confuse the adult male Painted Bunting with any other species. The drabber, green females and immature can be Painted Bunting Identification Size& Shape. Painted Buntings are mediumsized finches with stubby, thick, seedeating bills. Color Pattern. Males are stunningly colored with blue heads, red underparts, and green backs. Behavior. Painted Buntings forage on the ground in dense cover, among grasses,painted bunting female Jan 21, 2015  Thanks Jill for the great article on our signature bird of Felts Audubon Preserve, the gorgeous Painted Bunting. Our Preserve team, especially Fred, keeps an eye on the bird seed in the various feeders at the bird blind so folks will have the best opportunity to see both male& female Painted Buntings, and probably some Indigo Buntings, too.

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Painted Bunting Feeding Behavior. Forages mostly on the ground. Also does some foraging up in shrubs and low trees. Eggs. Whitish to bluish white or pale gray, with reddish brown spots often concentrated at larger end. Young. Nestlings are fed by the female. Young leave the nest about 1214 days painted bunting female Painted Bunting (Photo: Creative Commons) Of all the birds in North America, the male painted buntings are the most vividly colored. Painted buntings have a dramatic combination of red, blue, and green. Though not as colorful, the female is distinctive too, with a color combination no other bird haslime green above and otherwise unmarked. Apr 08, 2016  Painted Bunting. The adult male Painted Bunting is one of the most colorful of all U. S. breeding birds, rivaling South American tanagers like the Giltedged Tanager and Greenheaded Tanager. In Mexico, the Painted Bunting is commonly known as siete colores, or seven colors; in Louisiana it is called nonpareil,