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CSULB parking permits cannot be used in the Foundation lot. Parking availability is subject to change and lots may close unexpectedly for special events. Campus Connection ShuttleCarpool During Fall and Spring semesters, campus shuttles provides free transportation on weekdays to local residential areas, student parking lots, and other areas of campus.If you are a current CSULB faculty or staff member with paid semester parking or a nonexpiring payroll deduction for a virtual permit, we highly encourage that you carpool to campus. Not only do carpool members share the cost of gas and permit fees, but they can also avoid traffic by utilizing the HOV lanes on the freeways leading to campus. carpool parking permit csulb

Term of Permit. Except for temporary preferential parking permits, each preferential parking permit shall be issued on a calendar year basis, and each permit shall expire at midnight on December 31st of the year for which it was issued. Permits may be renewed annually online, by mail, or in

CSULB vanpools consist of 5 to 10 students, faculty, staff, or community members who, as a group of fulltime vanpool participants, rent a van through Enterprise Rideshare to commute to campus. Vanpool is a great option for students and employees who live more than 15 miles from campus. The Hardship Fee Waiver will not dismiss any citation fees if the decision is upheld. Hardship Fee Waivers can be submitted via fax to (562), inperson at the Parking& Transportation (PTS) building or by mail to: Parking and Transportation Services 1250 Bellflower Blvd. Long Beach, CA Hardship Fee Waiver Applicationcarpool parking permit csulb Carpool members should hang their carpool permit from their vehicle's rear view mirror when using a carpool parking space. Carpool permits are not valid in ADA spaces, reserved spaces or any visitor space. Once registered in the carpool program, members may not purchase or hold any other University permits.

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CSULB has reconfigured campus lots to ease navigation, reduce citations and improve the campus community parking experience. These changes include simplifying lot usage by creating singleuse lots wherever possible, eliminating designated carpool spaces because they were not effectively used, and consolidating ShortTerm parking locations. carpool parking permit csulb Parking Permit. In order to park on the CSULB campus, a valid parking permit is required. To obtain your parking permit, you can sign up for the PreTax Parking Deduction Program at Payroll Services (Brotman Hall 353). You will be issued your permit at the Cashiers Windows Accessible Parking rules for students with DMV placards: You MUST have a paid parking permit from CSULB. Permits can be purchased through your myCSULB account or in person at the Parking Services Office. You will need to know your license plate number or the last 7 digits of your VIN, in order to purchase a permit. Carpool. Carpooling is a great option for students and staff to save time, money and emissions when commuting to campus. Carpool members not only share the cost of gas and vehicle expenses, but they can also avoid traffic by utilizing one of the many HOV lanes on local freeways leading to campus. CSULB encourages carpooling to promote sustainable