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Jan 24, 2014  Ok thats not possible but it is possible to make a wooden object look like beautifully aged metal with an easy faux copper patina paint finish. Ive shared faux paint finish techniques here before, and Im super excited about sharing this one with you! The Paints:If adding faux patina to actual bronze, clean the bronze with a degreaser, then apply the tinted glaze mixture, skipping primer and bronze paint. References (2) Valspar Paint: Metals and Patinas faux painting bronze patina

Create the look of metals with metal and patina glaze over a base coat with brush and roller. For patinas, or the look of rust, use a sponge to apply multiple glaze colors. For a simple transformation or quick update, this technique is easy to paint over. No sanding or stripping of the underlying faux

Layering of the Finishes. Copper, when it ages, takes on a greenish patina called verdigris. This verdigris takes many years to achieve and can range in color from a deep green to a chalky turquoise. I applied several layers of finish to reproduce this Faux Copper Patina Apr 05, 2018 How to Create Faux Patina Finish: If the item you are giving the faux patina finish to is not already a bronze or copper color (or even a dark gold color), you may want to give it a quick spray of Oil Rubbed Bronze or Copper Spray paint.faux painting bronze patina May 14, 2012 How To Paint A Faux Copper Patina Today I'm going to show you how to take something like this: that copper patina is usually a bit more green than this. I just used the teal craft paint I already had on hand, but for your own projects you may want to find a shade that leans more green. Come see ALL of my craft projects on one page,

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Apr 29, 2013  Make any metal bucket look distressed and aged with a DIY Faux Patina with paint. Using simple craft paints, and spray paint, you can create an aged copper and patina look following this tutorial. As part of the Lowes Creative Ideas Team, we are given a monthly challenge along with a budget of gift cards. This month we were told to do faux painting bronze patina 2 Make a Faux Bronze Patina; 3 Paint a Faux Wood Finish; 4 Do Color Washing; When copper ages or is left out in the elements for a while, it develops an attractive natural patina or verdigris that Mar 12, 2019 EASY TO USE PAINT AND PATINA SPRAY TURN THIS DATED THRIFT VASE INTO ARTISTIC DECOR WITH A FAUX BRONZE FINISH! I have a super simple DIY thrift project for you today. I'm transforming this Thrift Store floor vase into an artistic bronze patina show stopper! Last week I searched my inventory for a piece of furniture to paint and quite honestly, I was getting a little frustrated. Do you love the look of copper, but the price makes your head whip the other way? Have no fear my dear! You can create inexpensive faux copper and patina for a fraction of the cost. I was introduced to Modern Masters Metal Effects at Haven last year and the finish definitely fooled me. I honestly Jun 09, 2018  Copper patina is a classic look, and its easier than you think to create a faux copper patina look on nearly anything you want! Materials for the Faux Copper Patina Look; How to Easily Paint Anything with a Faux Copper Patina; Easily paint anything with a faux copper patina