How to spray paint stuff in tf2

2019-10-22 06:42

then shove the image in there. another way is to go to the sprays folder (which is somewhere in the Team Fortress 2 folder) and put the image there as well. Launch TF2, and go to settings, multiplayer, and you'll see something Import Spray so click on that. Then click on the image you put in the TF2 folder.Jul 09, 2017 Showing you how to install sprays in TeamFortress2 for 2018! SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter how to spray paint stuff in tf2

Aug 13, 2009 Answers. Best Answer: You load up your own images from the multiplayer section of the options menu. To spray it on a wall simply press the T key. Check through your keyboard settings if you have changed it by accident.

How do you use sprays in Team Fortress 2? Ask Question 11. I've been trying to hit the T key (also made sure it's the one designated as Spray ), but nothing ever happens! What am I doing wrong? Are there some prerequisite I need to fill? Press the Spray key (default T) while pointing at a valid target. How to Spray TF2 by Daniel Alden Updated September 22, 2017 Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer teambased firstperson shooter. The PC version of the game allows you to spray paint logos or pictures on most surfaces. The pictures can be pictures you make or a picture you download. You can have your own unique spray or you can use the same sprayhow to spray paint stuff in tf2 Team Fortress 2 (TF2), a multiplayer video game from Valve Corporation, allows you to import sprays and use them while playing on one of the servers. Sprays are pictures that you can apply to any surface of the map you are currently playing on. You can create TF2 sprays and import them into the game in

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