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In Specific Objects (1965), Donald Judd introduces the idea of a new kind of art that is neither painting nor sculpture. The idea of a specific object suggests that Judd no longer produces art, per se, but actual items. The objects are depersonalized, with a concentration on pure form.Donald Judd, widely regarded as one of the most significant American artists of the postwar period, is perhaps bestknown for the largescale outdoor installations and long, spacious interiors he designed in Marfa, Texas. His oeuvre has come to define what has been referred to as Minimalist arta label the artist Read more donald judd neither painting or sculpture

Artwork page for Untitled, Donald Judd, 1972 Like other artists of his generation, Judd challenged traditional European ideas about artmaking. He coined the term? specific objects? to refer to structures that were neither painting nor sculpture, but somewhere in between. This work reflects his desire to create selfsufficient objects, eliminating any factor that might interfere with the

The main qualifications to the lesser position of painting is that advances in art are certainly not always formal ones. Donald Judd (1963), quoted in: Joseph Kosuth, (1969), Art after Philosophy Half or more of the best new work in the last few years has been neither painting nor sculpture Jan 17, 2015  It identifies in broad terms a reductive new approach to making objects that are somewhere between painting and sculpture, but neither one nor the other. Importantly, Judd is not only known for this essay but for various writings of the early 1960s; before hedonald judd neither painting or sculpture In the first instance, the reference is to abstract sculpture, in the second, to abstract painting. This gave Judd enough raw material to rebel, to break away, and to talk about specific objects in threedimensional space, objects that were neither painting nor sculpture but were hybrids, often ultrarefined, as in his early Minimal

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Judd, himself, said that his works were, neither painting nor sculpture and in this manner, he has created an entirely new vocabulary for art. Steel, aluminum and donald judd neither painting or sculpture Summary of Donald Judd. Donald Judd was an American artist, whose rejection of both traditional painting and sculpture led him to a conception of art built upon the idea of the object as it Instead of speaking such plain language, Donald Judd, in his famous 'Specific Objects' (1965) prefers to introduce a new kind or art that is neither painting nor sculpture.