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Calcimine used throughout the 19th century and half of the 20th century is a type of white or offwhite paint created from zinc oxide, water and glue. Over time, the chalky calcimine crackscalcimine, stucco, acoustic and texture finishes, and uncoated wallpaper. It is suitable for application to interior walls, ceilings, and related surfaces. GARDZ will also adhere to and seal in old wallpaper paste and adhesive residue. GARDZ has a milky bluewhite color that helps to determine where it has been applied, but dries water clear. calcimine paint sealer

May 19, 2012 What is Calcimine, Calcimine is a powder and this video will show you how to identify if you have calcimine on your walls or ceiling. Calcimine must be removed and treat with a sealer before painting.

Jan 17, 2008 Is it safe to go to acrylic ceiling paint as a top coat over it? Should I patch first (durabond powder)? This house is on the Historic Register or something like that so the owners do not want to bluerock over it. i thought it would be kinda cool to make up some real calcimine paint and apply it (every year or so an old timer told me). Cures for Calcimine Ceilings. The plasters used during these times took anywhere from 3060 days to fully season to the point that the PHlevels in the plaster compound would accept oilbased paint. Otherwise, the paint would become blotchy, blister and peel off as the curing plaster reacted with the oils in the paint.calcimine paint sealer Dec 18, 2009 Calcimine is a very soft coating and any movement by today's stronger paint products will cause them to pull away. Environmental and climatic changes (temperature shifts, unheated rooms during winter, moisture and humidity) also significantly accelerate the delamination.

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Calcimine GARDZ penetrates calcimine more effectively than oilbase coatings and has a much lower odor. Because it resists moisture, GARDZ prevents waterbase topcoat paint or texture finishes from softening up calcimine layers underneath. calcimine paint sealer General Paint Premium Alkyd Calcimine Recoater For interior surfaces Product Details Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Houzz Whitewash or calcimine is a cheap paint that you can use to cover up nasty stuff like smears, dents, and dirt on the back fence or whatever it is that you're trying to cover up. Oct 27, 2014 1. We could scrape the ceiling down and paint with a special calcimine paint, but once you use this you always have to use this and it can be very messy to work with. 2. We could take the picture rail down and put up 14 inch ply and plaster the ceiling. Then paint with the Benjamin Moore Waterbourne Ceiling Paint. Jul 15, 2014 Dealing With Calcimine Ceilings. Unlike a latex or oil, based paint, which will typically cover 300 sq feet per gallon, expect to get about 200 sq per gallon. Following these steps will help in fixing those old calcimine ceilings. You can always ask your local paint store what type of product they carry and the coverage rate of that particular product.