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Oct 23, 2016  Watch This Guy Paint an Upside Down Portrait as He Sings the National Anthem. As you can see, not only can this mystery man Joe Everson canOct 24, 2016 At first, it was unclear what he was painting, but as Everson turned the canvas upside down and painted the stripes of the American flag with one swipe as he sang the final notes, the crowd man paints upside down picture

Aug 22, 2017 Joe Everson sings and paints the National Anthem before the Bucks take on the Cleveland Cavaliers at the BMO Harris Bradley Center on December 20th, 2016.

Turn the picture upside down: ) Turn the picture upside down: ). Visit. Discover ideas about Optical Illusions Faces Cool Illusions, Optical Illusions, Optical Illusion Images, Illusion Art, Mind Tricks, Op Art, Mind Blown, Drawing Sketches. mansour. illusion. Hidden Man in Woman Illusion. Elaine Deslatte. OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. Upside Down Jesus Painting Inspirational Videos. This will take your breath away. Watch the story of the Cross of Christ unfold on canvas and then get flipped turned upside down to reveal the face of Jesus. Wow. You've got to see this. Caretaker Sings Sweet Duet With Man Suffering Fman paints upside down picture Sep 22, 2007 By deliberately painting an image upside down (not, of course, merely standing it on its head), Baselitz had hit on a method of objectifying the work of art without entering the realm of pure

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Oct 23, 2016  This video is going viral today, and with good reason, its absolutely incredible. At the Toledo Walleyes minor league hockey game, artist Joe Everson sang The Star Spangled Banner beautifully, while perfectly painting Raising The Flag On Iwo Jima upside down. If this is not patriotism at its finest, then I dont know what is, AMERICA Fuck Yeah! man paints upside down picture Just take the whole painting and your reference sketches and flip them both upside down! Think of it as a possible exit strategy to your present dilemma. I just would not be able to finish a painting if I didnt turn it upside down. I do it all the time. Aug 19, 2014  This street artist in Taiwan is painting something abstract with a bunch of random paint splatters at first. But once he flips it over, youll be amazed! Street Artist Paints an Entire Portrait UpsideDown. StoryfulViral. 5 years ago Upside Down Joe Everson, a singerpainter, gave a rather unique rendition of The National Anthem as he painted an upside down picture while he sang, only to flip it around to reveal an epic likeness of the flag raising at Iwo Jima just as he sang the last verse of the song